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Muay Thai

What is Thai Boxing?
Muay Thai kickboxing or Thai-Boxing is a complex and devestating martial art orignating in Thailand over five centuries ago. It is not only a method of self defense, but rather the perfection of human kinesthetic science when applied to fighting. With rules different from those of international kickboxing, which forbids the use of knees, elbows, and clinching, Thai boxing takes advantage of all of the bodies potential weapons and defenses making Thai boxing the #1 sport in Thailand, revered like football in the US.

muay thai fight traditions

Muay Thai Art and Tradition
Before the fight a Thai-boxer performs a respectful dance - Ram Muay.The movements differ according to the school or camp. Usually the dance involves sweeping arm motions which are said to draw the power of the earth, air, fire and water into the body. The first part of the Ram Muay is a dance called the Wai Kru - a gesture of respect to the trainer (Kru) and the spirit of boxing. Another tradition followed in honor of a boxer's training camp is the adoption of the camp's name as their surname. (For example, when Manu came to the US to fight for the Draka title he was referred to as "Manu Sitsifu.") .

The Science of Thai Boxing
Muay Thai is the science of the body's eight limbs as weapons (feet, knees, elbows and fists). Also, the clinch, a stand-up neck wrestling strategy is important in using elbows and knees effectively. Thai boxing today is the most devastating form of stand-up fighting. The four principle techniques/ weapons of Muay Thai are subsequently listed.

KICKING TECHNIQUE Distance Combat Weapon

  • Front and Side Kick
  • Attack by Round Kick (Low, Middle and High)
  • Defense and Block technique against kick
  • Sweeping technique - inside and outside

KNEE TECHNIQUE Close Combat Weapon

  • Straight Knee
  • Side Knee
  • Round Knee
  • Pao and Heavy bag practice
  • Sparring Clinch

ELBOW TECHNIQUE Close Combat Weapon

  • Defense against Elbow
  • Self-defense with elbow
  • Elbow combination
  • PAo - perfect Elbow technique (power)

PUNCHING TECHNIQUE Inside and Outside Weapon

  • Punch, Balance, Foot work
  • Defense (bob and weave), Block and Pivot
  • Counter Punch
  • Boxing Combination


  • Cut the ring
  • Fight against orthodox and southpaw
  • Inside work
  • Use rope in ring


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Thailand and Training Camps
The best way to learn Muay Thai is to fully emerse oneself in it through its history, culture, and practice. The best way to do this, of course, is to go to Thailand where Muay Thai was born. If you have an opportunity to go to Thailand, be sure to visit Lumpini Staduim and the Radjadamen Statium. These venues will allow you to experience Muay Thai as it is meant to be experienced so that you can see why Muay Thai is is the most popular sport in Thailand.

For the serious fighter who seeks a championship, Thailand's many Muay Thai training camps offer an intense and comprehensive training experience. In a camp, your motivation will come easy as you live the life of a professional and a champion. You will live and breathe Muay Thai with other serious fighters while developing and improving your skills and stamina. Manu trained and fought for four years in Thailand at Sit Yottong Senanu and Sit Maimonkhoron training camps.

Boxing ProfessionManu Ntoh is a World Class Fighter and Trainer. More about Manu Ntoh click here.