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Muay Thai

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in this class you will learn all the basics of Muay Thai kickboxing in a cardio-based learning format, and similar to the Cardio boxing program, also focuses on getting the most bang for your time and buck developing  the fitness base necessary to graduate into the Fundamentals of Muay Thai program where your skills can be further developed.  Cardio Thai Boxing entails boxing specific drills using the same equipment used by competing athletes as well as Muay Thai specific exercises and drills used to further develop one’s fitness base.  There is no person to person contact (sparring) in this class.
Necessary Thai Kickboxing Equipment:  Handwraps, Bag Gloves

Fundamentals of Muay Thai
in this class you will learn all of the skills and techniques used in Muay Thai, the native martial art of Thailand.  Muay Thai translates to the art of 8 limbs: 2 hands, 2 feet, 2 knees, and 2 elbows, all of which you will learn to use effectively in this class.  After mastering the skills taught in this class and demonstrating them in sparring and drilling scenarios students will graduate to the Advanced Muay Thai Program and then eventually, if desired, to competition in the sport of Muay Thai. This class will involve light sparring in order to perfect the techniques taught in a live environment
Necessary Muay Thai Boxing Equipment: Hand Wraps, Bag Gloves, Shin Pads, Mouthpiece
Additional Muay Thai Equipment Needed: Headgear, Jump Rope, Rank Shorts, 16-18oz Sparring Gloves

Advanced Muay Thai
In this class you will further sharpen and apply all the techniques taught in the fundamental class. There will be more focus on learning the proper application of each technique as well as demonstrating them in sparring. This class will be the class for students who have mastered the techniques taught in the fundamental class and possess the desire to compete in the sport of boxing as an amateur or professional or that wish to simply master the art of boxing and test their personal bounds.

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